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What You Will Need While Travelling to Belfast

EasyJet is one of the leading airlines in Europe offering inexpensive flights to more than a hundred destinations in and around Europe. They offer the most convenient schedules and routes to any destination in Europe. Customers are guaranteed good services from the entire customer care staff through a guideline they call a customer charter. The customer charter ensures that a customer is treated with utmost respect and their safety is the airline number one priority.

Some of the areas that easyJet has its operations up and running include Barcelona, Faro, Malaga, Venice, Paris, and Belfast. If you are travelling for adventure, you should consider travelling to Belfast in an easyJet flight; that should be one memorable experience. Belfast is the capital City of Ireland, and it has so many tourist attractions including the exhibition of the historic Titanic. Here is a list of the things you will need while travelling to Belfast with easyJet airline.


There are two types of luggage; there is the cabin luggage and the hold luggage. The cabin luggage is light baggage that does not exceed the easyJet baggage size, which is 56cm by 45cm by 25cm. The hold luggage, on the other hand, is the heavy baggage that has exceeded the maximum size required by the airline, and as such, it is put in the aircraft hold. When carrying the cabin luggage only, you go straight to the departure gate for your flight having printed your boarding pass. But if you have any hold luggage, you have to drop it off at the ‘bag drop’ desk, before heading over to the departure gate.

Any baggage put in the aircraft’s hold is charged a certain fee depending on the size of the baggage. The bigger the baggage, the more expensive it will be. Your cabin luggage will be put in the overhead lockers in the aircraft.


Boarding Pass

When making your trip to Belfast, you must print your boarding pass. It will be used at the departure gate to allow you to board your flight. With the easyJet online services, you can easily check in online and print your boarding pass. It is available online at no cost. Be sure to print your boarding pass at least two hours before your departure time.


If you are a United Kingdom citizen using the domestic flights, and you wish to travel to Belfast, Ireland, you won’t require any passport. EasyJet will only need any identification document with your photo on it, like a driving license. This identification document is meant to verify that you are a UK citizen. Other non-citizens will be required to show their passports as well as their visa while travelling with easyJet. Your passport should be valid for you to be allowed to travel with easyJet to Belfast.

A valid armed forces identification card can be used to verify a UK citizenship, as well as a valid police warrant card, while flying to Belfast, Ireland.


Medication on board

If you are flying with any medication with you, you will be required to provide a doctor’s certification that will prove you are on medication. Without the certificate, you will not be allowed aboard any easyJet flight to Belfast.

Flying with children to Belfast

Children who are below 16 years of age do not require any form of identification when travelling to Belfast. The adults travelling with them will produce theirs. EasyJet will only verify identification documents of the adults travelling with the child. Families travelling with their children are allowed to board the aircraft early to allow them time to settle in their respective seats.

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